SmartRound Terms and Conditions

Smart Round Terms & Conditions


  1. General Terms

1.1 -  We are SmartRound, throughout these terms and conditions we will refer to ourselves as SmartRound, SmartRound, we and us.


1.2 - These terms and conditions apply to you (the “Customer”, “you” and “yours”) when you use the online SmartRound services such as but not limited to our websites and mobile applications. By way of you visiting our website and your first use of our services you are deemed to accept our terms and conditions.


  1. Interpretations and Definitions

2.1 – The following expressions meaning the following in these terms and conditions unless the context expresses otherwise.


“Agreement”     the binding contractual agreement between the Customer and SmartRound for the provision of the services offered by SmartRound. The agreement includes these terms and conditions.


“Account”          refers to the Customers personal information such as payment information and credentials used by the Customer to access any SmartRound services.


“Services”          refers to the Services offered both and in the future by SmartRound including tools, website, mobile applications or information found on our website.


“Content”                    refers to all graphics, text, images, videos or audio on any of our Services including our website and mobile applications.


“Subscription”            refers to the period from the moment you sign up to our Services until the time you cancel.                   


  1. SmartRound Services

3.1 - SmartRound have taken all measures and will ensure we continue to do all that is reasonable to ensure that the Services are working to a reasonable standard without errors or interruption.


3.2 - Nevertheless SmartRound does not offer any guarantee the services will remain available with or without error and reserve the right to end the Services at any time without any prior notice to the Customer.


3.3 SmartRound reserve the right to discontinue the Service at the discretion of SmartRound.


3.4 SmartRound hold the right to carry out any actions whether that be work, updates or changes to the services policy and terms and will do it’s best to give reasonable notice to Customers where possible.


3.5 The Services provided by SmartRound are provided as is. SmartRound does not guarantee that the Services will be free of any bugs or defects. If the customer notices any bugs or defects please contact SmartRound at


3.6 SmartRound does not guarantee that the Customer will find the Services fit for purpose or that they will meet any personal circumstances of the customer.

3.7 SmartRound does not accept responsibility for any loss of service or disruption from external influences or events.


  1. Customer Responsibilities to SmartRound Services

4.1 – To use the full range of SmartRound Services you will be required to register an account with SmartRound. By your acceptance of these terms and conditions you are confirming that the personal information that you are required to submit to register an account is accurate and update and does not violate any law.


4.2 - You as the Customer will notify SmartRound if you suspect your account has been accessed by someone who is unauthorised. You are also responsible for immediately suspending your account and any unauthorised payments, ensure you cancel any pending or upcoming payments if you suspect your account has been used by someone you have not previously given permission to do so. Upon being notified SmartRound will suspend the account and any future payments. After an investigation by SmartRound we will deem if any payments made should be refunded to the customer.


4.3 – Customers are only allowed to use the Services in accordance with these terms and conditions and any law, regulation or jurisdiction.


4.4 – Customers are only allowed to access the Services through the channels provided by SmartRound. Customers cannot download, reverse engineer or copy any part of the Services. The only exception to this clause is the content that is added to the SmartRound services by the customer. This may be downloaded as a backup for the Customers records.


4.5 – Customers are not permitted to partake in any activity that could disrupt the provision of the SmartRound Services. SmartRound reserves the right to revoke access to any of the Services at its discretion.


  1. Subscriptions

5.1 – Your subscription to our services starts from the moment you register your account with us.


5.2 -  Your first payment will be collected immediately when you upgrade your account from a trial account to a paid account. The fee you will be charged after your trial period will be what is advertised via our website at the time you go to upgrade.


5.3 SmartRound reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of subscriptions at any point. In the rare occasion this may happen SmartRound will give a responsible amount of notice to the Customer making them aware the fee they will be charged will change.


5.4 – The customer can choose to terminate their subscription and therefore their agreement to these terms at any point. The customer will continue to have access to the Services for the remainder of the subscription period that the customer has paid for, during this period the terms and conditions will apply in full. After this point access, will be blocked and the customer will only have access to their account if they reactivate their subscription.


  1. Intellectual Property

6.1 – Any content including text, videos, icons, images, sound clips, podcasts, software or core coding and programing are the property of SmartRound and are not permitted to copied, downloaded or redistributed in any form. Customer accepting these terms expresses there understanding that these are protected by the relevant UK & International intellectual property laws.



  1. Customer Content

7.1 – When a customer accepts these terms and conditions they are acknowledging that they will only enter content that fit the following criteria:


7.1.1 – Customer must not submit any content that would be considered unlawful, racist, abusive, threatening or harassing.


7.1.2 – The customer is responsible for all the content they submit and will not upload any content that contains a virus or anything that will affect the SmartRound services. SmartRound does not take any responsibility for the Content submitted by the Customer.


7.1.3 – The customer must not pretend to be affiliated or an employee of SmartRound.


7.1.4 – The customer must not use any of the Services to partake of spam communication, otherwise known as spam or junk mail.


7.2 – SmartRound reserves the right but is not obligated to check any content posted by a Customer and deem it inappropriate for use with its Services based on these terms and conditions.


7.3 – The Customer acknowledges the risk that they may see offensive content, if the Customer deems content offensive they must report the Content to


7.4 – The customer is fully responsible for all content they submit to the SmartRound Services. SmartRound does not make any guarantee with regards the accuracy of the content that is submitted by any Customer and does not endorse or support the content in any way.


7.5 – The Customer takes full reasonability for making backups of their data. SmartRound does not accept responsibility for any loss of customer data. SmartRound has provided measures for the customer to regularly backup any data they submit into the SmartRound services. SmartRound has reasonable backup measures of all Customer Data, taking regular backups.


8 – Link to Websites

8.1 – SmartRound does not take responsibility, endorse or support any of the Content that may appear on a website that we may link to from our services.


9 – Privacy

9.1 – For details on Privacy please see our Privacy Policy, the link to the page can be found in the footer of our website. (


10 – Concluding Terms

10.1 – If either we or the Customer fail to exercise these terms and conditions this will not be used as a waiver for the rest of these terms and conditions.


10.2 – These terms and conditions supersede any prior form of correspondence between SmartRound and the Customer.


10.3 – Any correspondence or notices should be sent to


10.4 - Even though we have made our best effort to ensure all these terms adhere to English and UK law if any of the terms do not adhere to a law this does not mean that this will severance the rest of the terms and conditions.

10.5 – The relationship, terms and conditions and privacy policy between SmartRound and the Customer are governed by English and Welsh laws. Disputes between the Customer and SmartRound will be the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.