New Update - 1.2

By Kieran Barlow on 03-02-2017

Every quarter we like to push out a new update to our platform filled with features requested by our community. We're proud to announce 1.2 is finally live and has been rolled out across all of our users.

We genuinely couldn't have done it without our users feedback, it's been fantastic and I want to personally thank each and every one of you.

Whats been changed / updated?


New Look

Whilst planning the update for 1.2 we realised with the current look and structure of the web application we would be limited in terms of space. We've updated the look of both the app and web application.

Job Sheets

Originally our users could only arrange their work by a round, the round would automatically update the due date when completed. This works great for alot of our users however it was limited and you couldn't really get an idea of how your week was planned out. We've introduced a new method of scheduling your work which we've called Job sheets. Simply create a job sheet for a specific day of the week and add all the jobs needed to complete that day. Job sheets can be completed on both the mobile and the web browser. 

Print Outs

You can now print either your jobsheets or rounds with one click, simply log in to your SmartRound account and click print. All the jobs listed on the round are presented in a easy to view print out.

That's all for 1.2.

Stay tuned and follow our social media profiles as we'll be annoucing the updates for 1.3 shortly.

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From all of the team here at SmartRound, thank you.