Features you'll love, we're adding more as you read!

Reactive Rounds

Reactive rounds allow you to complete or skip jobs on the go.

Recurring Jobs

Jobs in SmartRound are assigned to customers, each job can be setup as a recurring job saving you time and effort keeping your data upto date.

Customer Balance

Tired of keeping track of overdue fees on a spreadsheet? SmartRound has a built in chase debt section allowing you to monitor your customers and their overdue fees.

SMS Messaging

SmartRound has a built in communications section allowing you to select in bulk customers and send SMS notifications aswell as email notifications.

IOS & Android Apps

Once your account is setup you can manage your round using our easy to use app.

Payment Tracking

When you receive a payment on the go, you can quickly mark a payment against a clients record. SmartRound will total all payments collected on the day.

Call Slips

With just one click produce all your call slips for a given round, each slip contains the customers details, balance and your payment methods.

More coming soon.

We're constantly developing our platform and adding features requested by our users.